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Let Me Count The Reasons Why I'm Mad At Yahoo

Yahoo and I are not friends right now. They have done so much recently to screw me over that I may...

I was going to say that I might find some other be-all, end-all complete interweb experience (besides AOL) but who am I kidding? The amount I would miss Yahoo Movies alone would make that more painful for me than Yahoo. Especially since Yahoo, you know, is just programming code and has no feelings. :)

What did Yahoo do to piss me off, you ask.

Yahoo created an amazingly technically advanced World Cup information system including making Matchcast streamable on cell phones. The only problem is the content is only available on Cingular (and Cingular still hates me so I wasn't about to beg them to take me back) and T-Mobile.

Well, thanks to Yahoo, you're now looking at the proud owner of a T-Mobile controlled Nokia 6101.

Can anyone who was bored enough to actually follow that last link guess what feature lured me to that particular model? I mean besides the fact that it was one of the free phones.

It's the built-in FM radio. I mean the only time I really use cell phones to an outrageous amount is when I'm on the road for business or pleasure. And, conveniently enough, that's also the only time that I really use a FM radio. I don't think I've actually heard terrestrial radio since I blasted it in the car on the way home from Columbus last August. Hearing "Hollaback Girl" just turned me off to new music forever I guess. :)

Except I just remembered something - BBC Radio Five Live is an AM (I mean medium wave for all the actual Europeans reading this) station. Oh well, I guess listening to live footcer while I sightsee later this year will still involve a radio. Except Fulham's usually on BBC Radio London anyhow and don't warrant the nationwide coverage. And that's a FM station.

But I digress, sort of. The other reason that I got this particular phone is that it's tri-band with capabilities to pick up a signal on the 1800mhz wavelength (er something else scientific sounding - which basically means it can jump onto the T-Mobile UK or Orange UK networks but not O2 or Vodaphone, but, you know, fuck those two companies anyhow for not so obvious sponsorship reasons). Any European will also realize why this is important since European cell phones use 900 and 1800 mhz while cell phones in the United States use 850mhz and 1900 mhz.

For this first time, I have a phone that's European compatable without having to buy an entire new card. Hooray international roaming!

The only downside is that I'm back chained to the whipping post of a plan for 24 months. T-Mobile has a really good pay-as-you-go plan but everything is so ala carte on them and I didn't want to play around with that garbage again. I'm on the $29.99 plan with 300 minutes and unlimited weekends.

Which of course as is pretty obvious that I'm home on a Friday night, I will never use. :)

Oh but here's the sweet awesomest news about the whole experience. To get the plan I had to get a credit check. I've apparently approved my credit so much this year that they didn't even blink!

Contrast this with Cingular who, when I left them not entirely of my own volition (for those who weren't around at that time I left my phone in Ireland and since I didn't have a phone "forgot" to pay the bill for a time) wanted a $600.00 security deposit. I mean, I didn't even pay that on my apartment!

Anyway my credit is now apparently acceptable enough to get into a contract again. Next stop, store credit cards. Then - THE WORLD!

Oh one last related note on Yahoo's World Cup coverage. I really am pissed off that they chose to use this as their sample match on their front page modulator:

Though if the United States does end up playing Germany it means that we got out of the group phase and most likely through Brazil. Hades, I think it could even be in the final. Maybe I don't hate Yahoo as much after all. Oh, but, come on, Landon Donovan doesn't really even draw that many yellow cards let alone red cards for double yellows.

Oh yeah and Yahoo is pissing me off about fantasy footcer in general. I survived Middlesbrough benching Mark Viduka for all three matches last week and beat my closes competitor in the Chicago Fire Fans league 96 to 88. This makes me tenuous lead going into the final week 2864.5 to 2830.5.

Oddly enough the second place team FC St. Pauli played Wayne Rooney in a 3-4-3 formation and his getting injured helped my fantasy team as much as it hurt England. But, again, being from the United States, I'm not much bothered by the Rooney injury. ;)

I mean I've definitely clinched a trophy (168 points ahead of 4th) and a 34.5 point lead is pretty hard to blow in one week. The only way I can do it is to play a bunch of players who end up benched in the garbage 38th games. I made semi-sure only to play those who don't really have cover or whose teams are playing in meaningful matches - that being Arsenal, Tottenham, Manchester United, and Liverpool.

Though for some reason I'm also playing Stellios, Brian McBride (probably a mistake because he proved that his mind is already back in the United States in the Fulham loss to Sunderland), and Milan Baros who is returning from injury and playing Sunderland in the Villa end of Birmingham. I smell hat trick. :)

So why do I hate Yahoo over this? It's pretty simple. Even though there is no match until 9:00 a.m. United States central time on Sunday, Yahoo wants the picks by 6:00 a.m. tomorrow. I really don't want to think about my lineup tonight.

Therefore, Yahoo sucks.

Finally I'm pissed at Yahoo Personals. But the fact that women won't even send back rejection e-mails is not Yahoo's fault. I mean, I always am polite when I say, "did you not read my profile?" :)


A petition to get McDonald's and Chipotle to support fair wages for farm worker. Man. First Taco Bell and now Chipotle? Why can't these crap Mexican restaurants just buy their produce from companies that don't exploit third world workers? On that note...HAPPY CINCO DE MAYO (what's left of it).
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