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Proud To Be An Elitist

I Don't Want To Be One Of The Folks If That Means Being Like Bill O'Reilly

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Mr. Brightsides
28 April 1975
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ME: I'm a 32-year old unpublished author living in Chicago, IL (in the Logan Square neighborhood of the city - no suburbs here). While I'm trying to avoid editing the first draft of my first novel I kill time working for the Appraisal Institute (a membership/educational organization for real estate appraisers).

Oh, I'm also really into road trips and budget travel. I used to want to write travel narratives before the philosophical fiction bug bit me (I'm the anti-Ayn Rand you might say).


MY JOURNAL: This journal might not seem typical to you. It's more an I/he/she felt and I/he/she thought journal than an I/he/she did or I/he/she said journal.

So, while some entries take on a storyline feel, more end up as rants on various topics of the day.

This journal is mainly a cathartic ranting service for me so I don't get an ulcer with my pent up frustrations! As rants, I try to write them stream-of-conscious. So, if I spell things wrong or have run on sentences or a sentence doesn't make any sense, I apologize.

I also apologize if I say anything to offend you. These are my opinions. Take them or leave them. Of course, if you disagree, leave me a comment. I like debate as much, if not more than the next guy.


Is my Blog HOT or NOT?


CONTACTING ME: I'm on a lot of messenger services, but it's pretty rare I have them up. If you discover I'm on though, IM me. :) Almost all other places on the web, I'm displacedbeatnik so if you see that name, it's me...say hello. I'm also on Friendster (as Michael; if you want to add me it's: displacedbeatnik@yahoo.com).


MY COMMUNITY: Although there are a couple of communities I've started floating around that I've abandoned, I only actively modrate one community:

  • eastofprague. This is a community to discuss the more obscure, less visited countries of the former Eastern Bloc (i.e. Albania, Croatia, and Poland) with both "locals" and "tourists" as members. It's also part travel community to share advice to would-be travelers and post pictures of trips to this part of the world.



  • footcer. This is a blog on blogspot.com devoted to footcer (football or soccer depending on where in the world one is) coverage from a United States fan perspective. The blog especially concentrates on various silly stories from the footie world but also covers serious issues of the English Premiership, MLS, and international competition (though other domestic leagues get touched on when something exciting happens).


    MY FRIENDS LIST: If you add me as a friend and I don't add you back, don't be offended. I read everybody who I'm a "friend of". I just try to keep my friend's list down to mostly other rant type journals. I love personal journals just fine but there's only so much time in a day...

    But, if you start responding to my posts, I'll most likely add you as a friend just because I start caring about what you have to say.

    And, if I add you as a friend it means I like your journal so don't be offended by that either! I don't want to become your soulmate, I just think you have interesting things to say.


    That is all. Happy reading!


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